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Kotlin beer meetup

With joy, we would like to announce that the Kotlin Server Squad meetup is approaching.

Come join us at the Kotlin Beer Meetup, where you'll learn interesting insights and updates from the world of Kotlin and modern application development.

Date:  20.6.2023

From: 18:00

Company: SentinelOne

Place: Karolinská 707/7, Karlín · Praha-Praha 8

Who we are ?

We are a community specializing in the development of backend applications. Our main focus is on writing backend applications in the Kotlin programming language and working with associated frameworks. However, we don't limit ourselves to projects written in this language; we also enjoy learning about other languages offered by the JVM and other platforms. Our interests extend beyond just application development. We are also interested in deployment and application building processes, such as containerization with Docker, utilizing Kubernetes, and cloud solutions like AWS, Azure, and GCP. Databases are also within our scope of interest, and we are always eager to learn more about them.

Exploring the Real-World Project

Together, we embark on a journey deep into the challenges of real-world projects. Join us as we dive into the intricate details, unravel complexities, and find innovative solutions for the real problems that shape the landscape of our projects.

Our Love for Kotlin

Discover why Kotlin is our language of choice and how it empowers us to craft efficient and robust server-side applications. Explore the features that make Kotlin the ideal tool for our community.

Passionate Server-Side Programmers

Get to know the dedicated individuals who make up the heart and soul of the Kotlin Server Squad Community. We're united by our unwavering enthusiasm for server-side programming.

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What We Do?

We regularly meet over a beer or at meetups to share our experiences and knowledge in backend application development, not only focusing on Kotlin but also on JVM languages, especially Java. We discuss the latest developments and frameworks that simplify development and our work. We are also interested in creatively applying various design patterns and microservices architectures, innovations in programming languages, as well as opportunities in the realm of cloud solutions and databases.

Kotlin beer

A beer meeting where we discuss current topics, such as problem-solving and development experiences, recommendations regarding various frameworks that facilitate work, and addressing pressing issues.

Kotlin meetups

Kotlin meetups focused on real projects where Kotlin serves as the primary programming language, but also encompass JVM languages like Java, as well as topics related to cloud solutions and databases.

Writing articles

Writing articles about interesting technologies that can help you enhance your applications, be it by speeding them up or simplifying them, and about intriguing innovations that can make your life easier.


Attending conferences and bringing back interesting insights from them.


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