About Us

Jiri Hermann


I am a passionate backend engineer, specializing in developing backend applications, primarily working with frameworks like Spring, Micronaut, Hibernate, Webflux, and others.

My programming adventure started with Java, but after discovering Kotlin, I completely fell for its charm and wouldn't want to switch back. Kotlin feels like a language that allows me to bring my ideas to life even more efficiently.

But my interests are not limited to the backend – I am always eager to learn new things. Recently, I ventured into experimenting with React and TypeScript. Although the world of frontend development is enticing, my heart largely belongs to Kotlin and backend development.

My passion for learning doesn't stop at programming languages; I joyfully delve into the world of DevOps and databases, constantly deepening my knowledge in these areas.

I am excited to share my enthusiasm for continuous learning and finding new solutions in the field of software development with you. I look forward to facing new challenges and opportunities for growth!

When I am not coding, you can find me traveling. I have a soft spot for Asia and dream of visiting Japan one day. However, it's not just far-off destinations that captivate me; I am also a great admirer of Czech nature and love spending time discovering the beauties of my homeland.

To maintain physical and mental wellness, I exercise regularly. The gym is my go-to place to recharge and unwind from the daily hustle and bustle.

Tomáš Zezula


Hi! My name is Tomas and I am a seasoned software engineer. Currently, I work as a consultant at Upheal, an AI-assisted platform designed to support mental health professionals. My journey as a developer is versatile and ranges across a variety of domains, such as cybersecurity, finance, telecoms, betting, and the public sector.

Much of my career has been shaped by Java and its ecosystem. A few years ago, I discovered Kotlin, and ever since it's been hard to shift back to Java. I never shy away from exploring new tools and technologies. Beyond coding, my interests have branched out to cloud computing, where I actively work with platforms like GCP and AWS.

As a passionate learner and supporter of accessible education, I firmly believe that continuous learning is the key to success. My intent is to facilitate easy and accessible education, embrace curiosity and spark creativity. I'm excited to join you on our journey, as we uncover the best practices in software development together.

When I'm not immersed in work, I enjoy travelling. In the foreseeable future, I aspire to explore the diverse landscapes of Africa and the rich cultures of Southeast Asia. For me, travel goes beyond sightseeing - it's about absorbing new experiences, comprehending diverse cultures, and connecting with people, not unlike how I approach learning new programming languages or technologies.

Running and outdoor activities? Count me in! I've been having a blast trying to boost my stamina and improve my running game. It's all about good fun while pushing my limits - both in sneakers and neurons.

Predrag Kulićc


Hi, my name is Predrag, with over 7 years of experience in both internal (within IT firms) and external IT recruitment, I bridge the gap between client and candidate needs. Proficient in sales, whether in a staffing agency or IT bodyshopping, I've had the privilege to lead and build successful recruitment teams. Beyond work, I cherish spending time with my family, my dog, and pursuing interests like travel and gardening.

I was very impressed by Jirka's idea to establish this community, and I would like to get involved as well. My contribution to this community would be helping with reaching out to and contacting people who might be interested in being part of this community.