Exploring New Features in Hibernate 6.5.0.Final

  • Java Time Handling: Enhanced direct marshalling of Java Time objects through JDBC, improving timezone handling.
  • Configurable Query Cache Layout: New settings allow for choosing between ‘SHALLOW’ and ‘FULL’ query cache layouts to optimize memory and performance.
  • Java Records as @IdClass: Support for using Java records as identifiers in entities.
  • Auto-Enabled Filters: Filters can now be automatically enabled for each session.
  • Joined Mutation Queries: Update and delete queries can now include joins.
  • Custom Identifier Generators: Support for custom identifier generators that allow manually assigned identifier values.
  • Result Count in Queries: Ability to get the count of results directly from selection queries.
  • Key-based Pagination: Incubating feature for more efficient pagination methods.
  • ON CONFLICT Clause: Support for ‘ON CONFLICT’ clauses in insert queries to handle constraint violations.
  • Enhancements to StatelessSession: New features like filter support and SQL logging.

For more details, visit the official release post here.

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