Intellij Idea version 2024.1 Beta is now avilable

You can read the full article about the IntelliJ IDEA 2024.1 Beta on the JetBrains blog using this link.

Here’s a summarized article with bullet points highlighting the key updates in the IntelliJ IDEA 2024.1 Beta:

  • Java 22 Support: The update includes functionality enhancements for Java 22.
  • Full Line Code Completion: Enhances code writing speed by predicting entire lines of code.
  • Revamped Terminal: An improved terminal tool window for better usability.
  • Conditional Statements Coverage: More detailed code coverage information.
  • Sticky Lines in Editor: Allows critical lines of code to remain visible.
  • In-Editor Code Reviews: Simplifies the process of code reviews directly within the editor.
  • Enhanced GitHub Actions Support: Improved integration with GitHub Actions.
  • Improved Log Workflow: Streamlines the process of handling logs.
  • Inline Breakpoints: Allows setting breakpoints on multiple lines of code.
  • Faster Maven Project Opening: Speeds up the loading of Maven projects.
  • OpenRewrite Support: Includes tools for automated refactoring and code modernization.
  • WireMock Support: Better integration with the WireMock testing tool for HTTP-based APIs.
  • Terraform Enhancements: Improved support for Terraform including initialization prompts and extended code completion for third-party providers.

For Java developers

Revamped Detected Conflicts dialog  

IntelliJ IDEA v2024.1 improves the Detected Conflicts dialog with an editor-like layout, better text optimization, memory for window sizes, streamlined buttons, and full keyboard navigation. For further details, consider visiting the full article.

Rename refactoring inlay hint

new inlay hint feature to simplify the renaming process. This hint appears above the altered code element, and you can update all references within the codebase by simply clicking on the hint and confirming the change. For further details, consider visiting the full article.

For Kotlin developers

Official Kotlin code style propagated on all projects

🚨Be aware🚨 that starting with IntelliJ IDEA version 2024.1, the IDE will set the official Kotlin style guide as the default formatting for all projects. This update will automatically modify older coding styles unless otherwise configured. A notification will be sent to users to highlight this transition. To avoid any unexpected formatting issues, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the new code style through the provided migration guide. For further details, consider visiting the full article.

Static imports preserved on copy-pasting

IntelliJ IDEA enhances the copy and paste functionality, particularly for nested objects, enums, and Java static imports. The IDE now ensures that static imports are preserved and transferred exactly as they appear in the source code. For further details, consider visiting the full article.

AI Assistant

Starting with the Beta release of IntelliJ IDEA 2024.1, the AI Assistant feature has been separated into its own plugin. This modification aims to provide users with more flexibility to tailor their use of AI technologies according to their specific needs and preferences.

The release notes contain a complete list of updates in this latest build. As the Early Access Program is ending soon, feedback is greatly appreciated. You can comment below or contact us via X (formerly Twitter). Please report any bugs through our issue tracker. For more details, check out the full article.

We are really excited to try out this plugin and am curious to see how it compares to Copilot.

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