Ktor Plugin Registry

Since Ktor is an excellent framework that allows for the creation of asynchronous client and server applications—from microservices to multiplatform HTTP client apps in a straightforward manner—and natively supports coroutines, we use it in our open-source project. We are therefore very pleased that the plugin registration process has been simplified.

If you would like to learn more about our open-source project, please visit our GitHub page

The JetBrains blog post introduces the new Ktor Plugin Registry, highlighting its key features:

  • The registry allows the submission of community-based plugins, which are then accessible via the Ktor project generator.
  • It provides easy searching, categorization, and essential documentation for plugins.
  • Community developers can submit plugins by forking the repository, adding necessary files, and making a pull request.
  • The registry ensures compatibility between Ktor versions and plugins, with updates managed by the Ktor team.
  • This development aims to expand the Ktor ecosystem, placing community plugins on equal footing with those developed by the Ktor team.

For more details, you can read the full post on the JetBrains blog.

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