Ktor roadmap 2024

We’ve decided to create our own open-source project, in which we’ve chosen to use Ktor as the main library. We’re particularly excited about Ktor’s upcoming features. 🚀

  1. OpenTelemetry Plugin – This plugin will enable us to generate telemetry data for both clients and servers.
  2. Simplified Dependency Injection – Ktor aims to add official support for Dependency Injection (DI) into Ktor and seamlessly integrate existing DI libraries, such as Koin.

Of course, we plan to add other features and improvements, but these two have captured our attention the most. Especially dependency injection; as our open-source project grows, we’re considering integrating the aforementioned DI library, known as Koin.

For more information, read here: https://blog.jetbrains.com/kotlin/2024/03/the-ktor-roadmap-for-2024/

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